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Arts Supplement

If you intend to apply for a music or visual arts scholarship this year, please do not submit this form.

Instead please follow the links below.  (The Cornwell Creative Writing Scholarship will next be awarded in the Davidson Class of 2021.  The Barber Theatre Scholarship will next be awarded in the Davidson Class of 2022.)

You must first be an applicant to Davidson College in order to successfully submit your Arts Supplement (below) and your supporting materials.  Any documents or media must be uploaded to your applicant portfolio from the Application Status Website.  Your pin to access this website is sent to you by email once your admission application is processed.

After completing the Arts Supplement form, please upload your documents and media files to your applicant portfolio. Alternatively, you may submit a URL that links to your media file. If using a web service that shortens URL addresses, please be aware that it is possible your submission may not be reviewed before the shortened link expires. 

After logging in to your status page, you may access your applicant portfolio from the bottom of the page using the 'Edit Portfolio' link. On the next page, click on the 'Upload Media' tab.   Follow the instructions to upload your files.

* - Indicates a field that is required.


Please indicate your area of interest and provide supplementary materials, as required. You may select more than one.*
Your name must appear below exactly as it was submitted on your application for admission to Davidson College.
Decision Plan*

Creative Writing
Please fill out the fields indicating your musical interests.
Visual Arts
Please upload to your applicant portfolio no more than 12-15 images of your work. Each image must be uploaded as an individual media file. Once the files have been uploaded please open each slide and include its title, dimensions, year completed, and media description.
No materials will be reviewed until all components of your portfolio are uploaded successfully. Please note that we cannot return your files.