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Each high school may nominate up to three students.

Instructions for Counselors and Coaches

Nominations must be received no later than September 20 of the student's senior year and
must include all of the following to be considered:

  • this completed form.
  • an official transcript.
  • a letter of recommendation for your nominee.

Your nominee(s) must:

  • immediately contact the Davidson College coach of their sport to provide career statistics and player profile information. Coaches' names and contact details can be found at www.davidson.edu/athletics.
  • submit a complete application for admission to Davidson no later than October 15. All forms are available at www.davidson.edu/apply. (Nominees are strongly encouraged to submit either the Common Application, Coalition Application or Part I of the Davidson application by October 1.)
  • plan to play their sport at Davidson.

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Nominee Birthdate*

Nominee Ethnic Background (Optional)

Does the student self identify as Latino or Hispanic?
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Nominee GPA & Class Rank

Nominee Course Rigor

Select the caliber of this student's academic program in the context of the course offerings in your curriculum.*

Supporting Documents

Please check the boxes to indicate these documents have been uploaded.* If the required transcript and recommendation letter are not uploaded, the nomination process will be incomplete and will not move forward.

School and Nominating Representative Information

School Endorsement

Please provide the information below for the school official (principal/headmaster, vice principal, or guidance chair) certifying your school's endorsement of this nominee.