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Peer Recommendation

This Peer Recommendation is to be completed by a classmate or close friend who knows the applicant well and can evaluate the applicant's strengths.

This recommendation can provide useful information in ascertaining the competitiveness of the applicant. You, as a close friend or classmate, know the applicant in a different way than do teachers, counselors, principals, and advisors. Your insights will help us to understand the nature and extent of the respect accorded to the applicant by peers. Since Davidson can select only a small number of the total applicant pool to fill each year's entering class, your assessment of this applicant's strengths and weaknesses will be important in our decision.

CONFIDENTIALITY:  Recommendations are an important part of the admission process at Davidson.  Since we believe that most recommenders prefer that their recommendations be kept strictly confidential, we destroy recommendations before any applicant or parent could have any opportunity to see them.

The top section of this form should be completed with the applicant's information. To complete this recommendation all answers may be provided in the fields below or you may attach a separate document with your responses.

Required fields indicated with *.

Applicant Information
Applicant Birthdate*
Peer Information
Peer Mailing Address*

Character and Personality
The following ratings will be used to compare this student with other very capable students.  Please make them as realistic as you can in comparison with outstanding students applying to other leading institutions.
Energy and Initiative
Character and Integrity
Reaction to criticism
Concern for others
Respect accorded by classmates
Overall recommendation

By providing my signature and date below, I certify that I am the peer recommender and I am the sole author of this document.