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Arts Supplement and Arts Scholarships

An Arts Supplement will allow you to share your interest and engagement in the arts: creative writing, music, theatre, visual art.

Requirements for submitting an Arts Supplement.

  1. You must first submit your admission application and receive your Application Status page login. How to Apply
  2. Submit the Arts Supplement Form.
  3. Submit your portfolio materials – an image file, audio file, or video file – by going to your Application Status page and clicking on Edit Portfolio. Those media files and this form must be submitted no later than your chosen application plan deadline. 

If you plan to submit a portfolio for music, theatre, creative writing, or visual art, please consider applying for a merit scholarship in that area. More information and those applications forms can be found at the links below - do not use the Supplement form. 

Please know that arts scholarship recipients are not required to declared a major in that art.