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Admission & Financial Aid

    Financial Aid Award Appeal

    Please complete and submit the following information to begin the Financial Aid Award Appeal process.  Please note: only  students who have already received an aid award for the current year are eligible for an aid award review. Additional pre-appeal guidance appears below.

    What situations warrant a Financial Aid Appeal?

    1. An error was made on the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile;
    2. Your family's circumstances have changed substantially since the calendar year for which income was reported on the FAFSA and CSS Profile;
    3. There is something significant and beyond your family's control that you believe our initial aid decision did not adequately address.

    Specific examples of the types of situations that can be taken into account, if they have a significant impact on family resources:
    • Involuntary loss or reduction of regular employment income;
    • Involuntary loss or reduction in untaxed income/benefits;
    • Unreimbursed medical expenses that exceed 10% of a family's income, as itemized on a Schedule A (a specific year's expenses can be considered in only one aid year);
    • Unreimbursed expenses related to a natural disaster.
    If you have questions about whether or not an appeal is appropriate in your situation, please feel free to contact